While most real estate contains “land,” not all land is valued the same way. As professionals in this business, OnPoint Appraisals can help you get what you need quickly & efficiently using a number of appraisal techniques used to arrive at land value. No matter what kind of land you want valued, the Property Pros can cut through the red tape of information and get you solid numbers based on market activity.

Land valuation is often based on its highest and best use, which is an appraisal term that systematically defines a property and its most productive use. This is a major difference between casual market participants (uninformed appraisers) and professional appraisers. The Property Pros will ALWAYS understand the highest & best use analysis and can suggest a level of analysis that meets your needs in terms of time to delivery & cost of service.

Land types vary by type & quality. Not all woodland is the same; not all tillable farmland is the same. Competent appraisal of land considers those factors that affect value. Anyone can look at a known land sale and make comparison to another piece of land; but not everyone knows what affects value. This is where experience makes a difference. The experienced appraiser will notice things like terrain, access, visibility or differences in zoning, flood determination & deed restrictions.

While casual observance of what else has sold can lead to an opinion, it might also be significantly wrong without consideration of all the aspects. We use multiple checklists to make sure we consider all the aspects, all the time. This efficiency gets you closer to value faster. Even if you know what has sold, let the Property Pros help you make better choices.