Whether you are buying, selling, investing or managing an estate, your decisions are too important to leave the valuation to chance.


The benefits of using the Right Appraiser are twofold. First, you can have confidence in your asking price. You can negotiate better; you are in control of your sale. Second, when a property is priced within a reasonable range of fair market value, it will sell faster. Consider this: the interest alone for one month on a $50,000 property will be about equal to the cost of a professional appraisal. Even if you are planning to list the property with a realtor, call OnPoint Appraisals and we can help without bias.

Since you know your property, we can often customize a report for sellers with a limited description of the property you already know and more detail on the valuation process that you want to know. By recognizing client needs, we can provide a lower-cost valuation giving you just what you need and nothing more.


Seeking a professional appraiser for the purchase of property is one of the best pieces of advice you can get. A select few might think that an appraisal isn’t necessary, until they realize the confidence they gain in final negotiations. Consider the money you might save by pointing out the weaknesses that you know to consider before you are finished negotiating. The cost of professional assistance is minor when considering the big picture, and how much a buyer will end up saving or spending on a piece of property, often over a span of many years.

Buyers often need to know what else has sold and how that compares to the market today. As financing is often required for the buyer, the purchase appraisal is often incorporated with a financing use. If buyer financing is necessary, then the appraiser needs to be engaged by the bank or financial institution making the loan. This is required by law. The Property Pros have assisted or can assist most every financial institution. Feel free to insist on using the Right Appraiser, and feel confident that you are getting timely, reliable & trusted professionals when you insist on the OnPoint Appraisals.

Purchase Price

Why does it seem that the appraisal always comes in the same as the purchase price? There are two things to know in response to this question. First, this is NOT always the case, especially in a slow market. Second, the “market” sets the fair market value of any property. The appraiser analyzes the “market”  and develops an educated opinion. When participants in a transaction appear to follow the conditions of a “fair market transaction” then the appraiser may (or may not) agree that this transaction “sets” the fair market value. Circumstances do not always follow “fair market” conditions, whereby the buyer was motivated (results in a higher price) or seller was motivated (resulting in a lower price). If the appraiser concludes that the opinion of value is close to the actual sale and no other information suggests that the transaction was anything but a fair market transaction, then the appraised value may match the purchase price but it is far from an automatic conclusion.

Investment returns

Investors can be surprised to learn that the Right Appraiser with experience can provide a realistic breakdown of investment returns. This is truly one of the areas that sets the OnPoint Appraisals apart from most other appraisal companies!

The owner of the OnPoint Appraisals has real-world experience in real estate investment. If you have the choice between an appraiser with investment experience or not, who are you going to rely on? The Property Pros have developed several simple but effective spreadsheets that quickly provide an accurate rate of return that allows you to fully consider your options for investment with accurate projections for rate of return that take into account all the factors that make up return on investment. The Right Appraiser won’t have any problem getting you this return information on any investment purchase that we appraise. You won’t see this from just any appraiser. Just ask them what factors must be considered when calculating rate of return… then call us and we’ll make it easy for you.