The commercial property comes in more varieties than any other property type. Commercial appraisals not only require knowledge of all three approaches to value but wisdom in knowing how to apply them appropriately to different types of property.

Our chief appraiser has construction development experience in a wide variety of uses and he knows buildings and how to recognize value. This experience becomes invaluable when defining a complex building. An extra-heavy electrical service, specialized ventilation or an integrated alarm system all have attributes that lend themselves to a variety of uses. Whether it is a nursing home, an office complex, a retail store, a convenience store, a downtown mixed use property or a hotel, we’ve seen it all and know how to determine its value accurately. We use checklists to not only identify all major aspects of a property, but thoroughly analyze its highest and best use.

Our extensive commercial appraisal experience coupled with technology makes an unbeatable combination. OnPoint Appraisals uses technology to deliver faster, more accurate service. We continue to lead the field in this aspect. Armed with a true laser measurement tool (accurate to 1/16th of an inch in 600 feet) and a tablet computer, the property is fully sketched & defined before leaving the site.